Saturday, December 26, 2015

High Bias a Cassette Based Operation-TM


On Tuesday December 22nd John, Sam and CCY set about to record two track's for Cowboy Conceptual and David Allan Foucault's upcomimg Semi-Pro Records 7" Home and Away release with St. Augustine,Fl based band Laurel Lee and the Escapees.
Sam laid down the bass tracks for both songs between 11:30 and 1:30 on Tuesday before he had to get back to a remodel project he's working on. CCY played acoustic guitar and sang. John played drums and added electric guitar. "4 Wheeler" was finished by Tuesday night! The vocals on "I'd Rather be Titian" were finished(doubled) on Wednesday and John added pedal steel early Thursday morning! Both tracks are available on CCY Music page until you can buy them on vinyl from Semi-Pro Records in the summer of 2016.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One time at Cowboy Concept Y'all's Bandcamp

Howdy Hola everyone! I started a bandcamp page for the album that John Davis is producing for Cowboy Concept Y'all. Stayed tuned as we will be recording more songs in the near future 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

CCY Introductory Ballad

My Hat is like Wonder Woman's Jet, I'm a Cowboy you have not met yet-Cowboy Concept Ya'll

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ira Glass Menagerie

mikewindy started this game in our heads by making a painting with a washing machine and a machine gun. He would always write down new ones but never really did much else except make a few more WMG paintings for friends. I've started a keeping a list in my notebook that he keeps in his pocket for me. I have decided to start making my own paintings of them since he's too busy to get around to it.

Some I'm itching to get started on are: chain saw dust pan flute, Mr. T Pot,  D.B. Todd Snider, Greely Myatt Drive, Lucy Lou Alcindor, Alicia Henry Aaron Douglass, John Wayne White, Magnum P.I. Dream of Geni, Simon & Simon & Garfunkel, Jay ZZ Top, Bonnie Prince Billy The Kid n' Play , Wyclef Jean Claude Van Damn Yankees and the longest one so far I love Lucy Lou Diamond Phillips Head Screw Drivers License Plate Glass Eye Ball Jar Fly Paper Boy George Jefferson Starship Enterprise. Stay Tuned.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cardinal Visit

Been trying to get picture of this Cardinal for a week or so checking out mikewindy's "Triple Cardinal" . Got him today. I think he likes it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

For the Birds

Howdy Hola,
mikewindy whose mind I'm a figment of has let me take his 2x2 gallery in a slightly different direction. I curmissioned(curated/commissioned) a group of work by him and stole an idea he previously utilized(but didn't quite see through if I may) while a graduated student at the University of Memphis. I am happy to present the 4 the Birds series in conjunction with the 2x2gallery. I'll be curmissioning other artists for future exhibitions and keep your eyes out for some videos and maybe even a live(bird) feed!
Note* Those sunflower seeds are not an Ai Wei Wei installation(yet). If you don't know his work ya'll do ya'llselves a favor and check him out.
Conceptually yours,
Cowboy Concept ya'll